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My Buddy “Senior Befriender Programme”
A home-visit befriending programme started in 2013 to support seniors living alone.

The aim is to reduce loneliness among seniors and, when necessary, encourage  them to find ways to look after themselves and have a brighter outlook on life.
Our Green MoCa
Our Green MoCa aims to tackle climate change through sustainable and community-centred ground-up initiatives. Join us and co-create solutions in developing a community action plan for the environment.
We Inspire to Aspire
The Moulmein-Cairnhill Women Taskforce aims for our women to believe that each of our lives is already an inspiration in itself. As we get to know each one better, we will uncover that there is a most inspirational story in each one of us. It is from this space that MOCA Women sets its course to move and shake those around us to do something better for themselves because we have shown that it is possible! We continue to share our stories and find everyday heroines (and heroes) to inspire ourselves as well as others to take a step forward in courage and in faith.
Ms Grace Ong
Do you agree that education can contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty?

To Ms Ong, helping vulnerable families starts with empowering them with knowledge and skills, especially educating children in these families, with the aim of levelling the playing field for them. . "It all began with one child. Before I knew it, we started a tuition programme that has been running for six years for the children in the neighbourhood", shares Ms Ong, Chairperson of Moulmein-Cairnhill Community Development & Welfare Committee and an active volunteer for over 20 years.

Ms Ong shares that although the programme requires a high level of commitment from parents, children and volunteers, the cause is worthy. Since its inception, she has witnessed many children who have progressed to higher education. She also applauds the many volunteers who have supported this cause and firmly believes that mentoring is a win-win journey, both the mentors and mentees.

"While we only have 24 hours a day and spend most of these hours working, I always find joy in volunteering. To me, it’s an alternative form of stress buster," says Ms Ong, who recalled a recent rough patch at work. She added that volunteering has become a source of joy, especially when she witnessed how their collective efforts became an assurance to families that they are not left behind. Ms Ong adds, "While we are giving to the community, the community is giving to us too because when we see our passion turns into something good, our lives are more fulfilling too."
Ms Marlene Gwee
The recipient of the PA OurCommUNITYSG prize is our very own Grassroots Leader Ms Marlene Gwee!

She shared how her experiences as a child nurtured her passion to give back to the community.

“When I was a child, there was a place at the void deck of the HDB block near my place at St’s George Road. It was a place where I had built many fun and warm relationships. As I got older, I learnt that this special place was actually the Residents' Committee (RC) Centre.

I was born in a poor and broken family. As young as five years old, I had to cook my own rice to go with soya sauce when my mom was at work and mostly not home till 11pm. Every day after school, I would roam around aimlessly to play. The RC Centre brought happiness to my life; it was where I could draw, colour and sing. Through these activities, I also learnt about perseverance and how to work harder for my goals.

Lantern-making was one of my favourite activities. I practised and practised, and was extremely pleased when I came in 1st place during a lantern-making competition. It was then when I owned my first ever Barbie doll which came with a complete furniture set.

The RC Centre had given me many happy memories. I was able to learn from adults who substituted the ones missing in my childhood. Now I volunteer with Tanglin CC with the hopes to help families and children who are in need of an individual they can trust in and approach for help.”
Norfasarie Mohd Yahya
Norfasarie Mohd Yahya is an entrepreneur and online personality. The ex-actress and singer is married to the Singaporean footballer Bhaihakki Khaizan. Norfasarie shares the struggle of being a mother of four, a wife and an entrepreneur.
KampungKakis is a buddy system that allows our volunteers to stay close to home while helping one another.

Help can be as simple as lending a listening ear, sharing useful information, picking up groceries or meals, accompanying seniors to medical appointments or helping and inspiring financially-disadvantaged children to keep up with their school work.

No fixed time commitment or specific assistance required. Volunteers help within their own time and capacity.
MoCa Minds
The Moulmein-Cairnhill Mental Health Task Force aims to strengthen mental wellness in the community through ground-up initiatives. As a volunteer, you can support efforts to educate residents on how to spot mental health issues and provide resources to those struggling to seek help. In addition, organise sessions targeted to alleviate mental health issues through various activities such as light physical exercises, puzzle solving and expressive arts events.
Community Greening
Join our vibrant team of community gardeners who enjoy tending the Cambridge Field Community Greening plot with various types of trees and plants.

Through this fruitful hobby, the volunteers exchange gardening experience and knowledge. Above all, they share a great sense of camaraderie and fun under the sun!  
Kids Tutoring
Sign up as a volunteer to empower children with education by tutoring them on subjects they need help with and that you excel at! Partner with one child and witness their growth and contribute to their success.
Click here or scan this QR code to volunteer.
If you have any queries, you may email us at hello@moca.sg