Our Migrant Guests Outreach

January 7, 2024

Finding Common Spaces in Little India.

Sundays can be a day of rest and day of stress, depending on who you are. Migrant workers come to Little India to rest, catch up with friends and take a breather after a their work week. Many come to eat, socialise, shop and attend religious services.

Some of them rest in our residential void decks, which can inconvenience our residents.

Our Migrant Guests (OMG) - a ground up group has been working with our Town Council and Religious Organizations to create spaces of rest for them. They help to channel them to these dedicated spaces.

Yesterday, with many volunteers who signed up, they spent time with our migrant guests, sharing about these spaces and offering fellowship and support.

If you’re keen to join our efforts, please ping me and my team at hello@moca.sg.